I graduated in Biotechnology at La Sapienza-University of Rome in 2010. Obtained a PhD on Biochemistry of Biofuels under the supervision of prof. Henning Jørgensen at the University of Copenhagen in 2014. During this period I visited the IndBio - Lisbeth Olsson' group at Chalmers, Sweden. 

In 2015 I was granted the FTP-independent researcher from Danish Research Council, still at KU at Felby's lab and visiting CNPEM-Brazil and Sapienza, Italy.

In 2017 at age of 32, I was offered an academic permanent position at the Université Libre de Bruxelles - Belgium, today serving as Ass. Professor.

During my PostDoc I led the seminal discovery of light-photoexcitable biomass-degrading enzymes LPMOs. Today my research group that spun out from that discovery is a cross-border scientific unit studying the light-driven bioprocesses in Nature, particularly on microbial photo-degradative processes applicable to bio-wastes or bio-resources. The group has recieved the FNRS-national Belgian starting grant, and the regional industrial oriented Innovirs-Bridge grant.


The biocatalysts used for this scope are redox enzymes sorted from light-sensing fungi and bacteria occupying unique biological niches. Valorization of biomass derived molecules, their fundamental Biological roles, production of nanocellulose for smart-materials, together with enzyme engineering are all current research topics at PhotoBioCatalysis Unit. 

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