List of instruments

The lab is equipped with a variety of analytical, genomic, an routinery lab instruments.

HPLC-UV-RI Ultimate3000-Bio compatible

HPAEC-DAD ICS6000 Dionex

FPLC Akta start protein purifier

LED Light panels and alternator THOR-LAB

RT-PCR MyIQ-Biorad + miniPCR

400Lit growth chambers light-temperature ctrl

UV-Vis spectrophotometer Lambda25 single cuvette

ThermoSkan UV-Vis plate reader

Electroporator ECM630-BTX

2 Lit Bioreactor Applikon scalable to 15 Lit

Autolave synthec V-150

2 Shaking incubators Infors Unitron 300L, Multitron

Cooled static incubator 150L

3 Ovens incubators (Memmeret, Haerus)

Biological hoods Kojair

2 PCR cabinette (UV, airHepa-UV)

3 Centrifuges (Eppendorf 5810r 1-250ml, Thermo SL8-plate carrier, Sigma-Beckman 15ml)

Fluorescence reader Qubit 3

SDS Page 2xBio-Rad mini-protean, 1xMaxwell, Protean BioRad 2Dgels

Western blot BioRad platform: hybridization Oven, TransTurbo, densitometer, chemidoc

Labor Technik extraction station temp-ctrl and gas sparging

2 ThermoMixers eppendorf confort

Miscellaneus: Sonicator bath, 2 analytical scales, 2 microscales, 3 vacuum pumps, 2 Ultraturrax homogenizers, Waring blender, 3 pH meter, head-tale rotisser, up-down tray,  2 freedge, 2 freezers, 1 static incubator, optical microscope, microwave-oven, Retsch-ball miller, beads sterilizer, various essicator bells, 2 vortex, 1 pipette-gun